To The Kindness of God (Audio-CD)

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"To The Kindness of God" is a collection of songs based on the untranslatable hebrew word "hesed". It appears some 250 times in the hebrew bible. In the overwhelming majority of the texts in which it appears, it is sung. "Kindness" is a popular choice in translating "hesed". This album attempts to do just that: to sing about the kindness of god. That is something israel has done for thousands of years.

1 Come As You Are 2:53
2 Hymn To The Kindness Of God (Dvorak) 3:03
3 The Shelter Of The Shadow 2:50
4 That Kind Of Love 3:58
5 When Dinah Held My Hand 2:19
6 Jesus Is On The Mainline 1:38
7 Gomer's Song 2:50
8 This Is My Father's World 4:01
9 I Will Be Kind 4:47
10 Why Not Change The World 1:54

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