Matthew (Audio-CD)

The Penultimate Question


Auf den Wunschzettel
Auf den Wunschzettel

In this new collection of songs inspired by the Gospel of Matthew, Michael Card provides an extended musical meditation on the identity of Jesus. Revolving around Jesus' momentous question to his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?", the songs reflect on the person of Jesus as God's ultimate response to the "penultimate" question that has plagued humanity for ages: Who am I?

1 This Is Who You Are
2 Galilee
3 And Dreamed
4 A Simple House
5 His Humanity
6 The Gift to Believe
7 When Did We See You?
8 Go Find Out What This Means
9 The Kingdom
10 Till We're All Free

ISBN 9780830838035
1 Audio-CD

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