Joy in the Journey (Audio-CD)

10 years of greatest hits


Auf den Wunschzettel
Auf den Wunschzettel

"The incarnation of Jesus was not a stagnant event which took place once and for all in Galilee two thousand years ago, and then exhausted its meaning. It was the beginning, the start of an ongoing process in which all Christians must participate." - Michael Card

This album includes 18 of Michael's best-loved and most-requested songs up through 1994.

1 Chorus of Faith
2 El Shaddai
3 Come to the Table
4 Why?
5 Known by the Scars
6 God's Own Fool
7 Scandalon
8 The Final Word
9 Celebrate the Child
10 Immanuel
11 To the Mystery
12 That's What Faith Must Be
13 Know You in the Now
14 Joy in the Journey
15 Jubilee
16 How Long?
17 So Many Books
18 Heal Our Land

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1 Audio-CD

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