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Eckhardt, Learning to Read Biblical Hebrew

An introduction to the language of the old testament

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Hersteller: Daniel-Verlag
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Englische Ausgabe des Buchs "Bibelhebräisch lesen lernen"

You are interested in the original languages of the Bible. Perhaps you have

sometimes thought of getting some knowledge of Greek, but studying Hebrew has
not been an option for you so far.
Try this book then! It wants to help you overcome the hurdle you are anticipating
when you think of the beautiful yet very foreign looking letters of Hebrew. You
will not need any prior knowledge, but you will experience how one seal after the
other is broken for you when you, step for step, get acquainted with the complete
Hebrew alphabet. All this is done by doing exercises that stem directly from Bible
This is an invitation to an exciting journey of discovery of the fascinating script of
the Old Testament.
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Alexander vom Stein
Hiobs Botschaft
Ein außergewöhnlicher Kommentar,
ein hochwertiger Geschenk- und Leseband
mit spannenden Exkursen in die Welt der Wissenschaft
160 Seiten, durchg. vierfarbig,
26 x 19 cm

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